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Beautiful moments with the judge _ #cats

about us

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Cattery De Zandwijk, a small-scale hobby breeder

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- Professional competence in animal husbandry, (MBO) dog & cat

- Cat breeding, Educats Belgium

- Genetics, Dutch Independent Cat Judges Guild

- PawPeds G1 course

- Bottlefeeding kittens, Cat Academy

Cattery De Zandwijk is a small-scale hobby breeder. We are Suzanne and Arjan and our 3 daughters, Sytske, Brechtje and Lidewij.
We have always had cats. As a child I bought cat books with my pocket money and later when I grew up I would get a real British one. That took a long time, but since 2017 the "British virus" has struck our house.
We only have the occasional litter. Our goal is to improve the breed by making beautiful combinations. We will look at health, character and the correct breed characteristics. The cats are tested for HCM, PKD, FIV and FeLV. Read more about this in our cattery policy.
We regularly attend further training and we are in possession of the legally required certificate for animal husbandry competence in the Netherlands. We also have the "Cat Breeding" diploma required in Belgium.
We are affiliated with the FIFE association Felikat, the British Shorthair Breed Club and the Mundikat British Club.

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