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cattery policy

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Breeding policy

The kittens are born in our living room and grow up there with our children and all the daily noises. With lots of fun, love and care, the kittens grow up into healthy, social and beautiful British Shorthair cats.
In our cattery we will only breed a litter with parent animals that have been tested negative for HCM (heart defect), PKD (kidney defect), FIV (cat aids) and FeLV (leucosis).
We hope to contribute to the improvement of this beautiful breed by selective breeding with healthy, beautiful bloodlines.

If you are interested in a kitten

If you are interested in one of our kittens, we would like to receive an extensive message in which you introduce your family situation and any other pets and tell us something about your living/working situation. This way we have an idea where our kittens will end up. We do not work with a sequential waiting list. We think it is important to have a good feeling with potential new families for our kittens.
When the kittens are about 6 weeks old you can come and meet them and admire the kittens. We assume that you will visit us at least twice. Please note that the kittens have not yet been vaccinated. Therefore, only visit 1 cattery per day to prevent any transmission of diseases.
Once we have met and we both have a good feeling, you can finally discuss a kitten. If you have discussed a kitten, we will keep you regularly informed via photos and messages.
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First and foremost, our kittens are companion animals. People who want to breed a litter cannot buy a kitten from us. 1 litter is also breeding. Not every kitten is suitable as a breeding animal. The kittens are neutered before departure.

If you have a recognized cattery, we can make other arrangements about this in advance. The condition is that your breeding policy and way of working matches ours and that the kitten may be suitable for breeding.

The kittens are sold with a contract which we will discuss together during the introduction.

We only sell kittens to people who already have another young cat or to people who want to raise 2 kittens together. Of course, we think requests for 2 kittens are great fun and they usually get priority. British people don't like being alone. We therefore do not place kittens in a home without other cats.

We only sell kittens to people who keep their cats indoors or in a safe and secure garden or run. The kittens are not allowed to run freely outside. British people are not afraid of anything, including cars, and they can easily take them with them.

The move

The kitten can move to your home when it is 15 to 17 weeks old, has a good weight and is completely fit and healthy.
Your kitten will receive:
  • the necessary vaccinations
  • it is free from fleas and worms
  • a registration chip
  • a veterinary European passport
  • a family tree of Felikat
  • and a beautiful kitten package.

What else can you expect from us?

Even if our kittens have moved, you can always contact us for advice and help. We think it is important that our cats are doing well. We like to be kept informed about our kittens.
The contract includes a guarantee that if the kitten dies from a hereditary disease within 12 months after the kitten comes to live with you, you will receive compensation.
If at any time you can no longer care for your cat for any reason, please contact us first. We will do everything we can to find the right solution for your cat. We do not like to see one of our cats appear on Marktplaats, for example.
The cost of a cat
What costs do you have to take into account?
  • Stakeout
    • a scratching post or something else to sharpen the nails
    • high places to lie down in the room
    • toys
    • fresh meat or chunks and wet food
    • a litter box and cat litter,
    • a transport basket
    • possibly a harness for the garden or a cat run
    • a water fountain
  • Insurance or savings for the vet
  • Deworming and flea removal
  • Vaccinations
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